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a personal journey and other random ramblings on depression, love, loss, life and starting over.

Reflecting on the Past…

Everything about our past is merely an illusion. Refractions through broken shards of glass, not quite the image we remember it to be. Let it go. Leave it be. You can’t go back to being the person you once were. Read more…

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Don’t be afraid to tell your story…

Having a Mental Illness is absolutely terrifying. You’re fighting a constant battle in your mind every day. Feelings of loneliness, rejection, self-doubt, shame…that’s only the tip of the iceberg. And many people around you, including your closest friends and family, Read more…

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Passion is Contagious

Creativity exists in each and every one of us. It’s not a special talent gifted to certain people. We are all creative in our own way, and we have been since the day we were born. By sharing our creativity Read more…

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Michael Nyers

Michael Nyers

Michael Nyers is a poet, mixed media artist, author, ENFJ, mental health advocate, doer, dreamer, and all around funny guy, from Youngstown, Ohio. Michael’s passion is blackout poetry — a mixture of poetry and art made by taking printed text and blacking out words to create a poem or statement — which he sees as a look into the subconscious mind that can promote mindfulness and creativity, benefiting overall well-being and mental health.


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